Welcome Neighbors.

We are St. Albans residents who are committed to making St. Albans safer for all people. We are moved by compassion and a commitment to equity. We affirm that Black Lives Matter and we stand in solidarity with the global movement for Black lives. We care immensely about our entire community. We believe it is the responsibility of the citizens who employ the police force to question the institution and our local government. We take this responsibility seriously. 

We do not want St. Albans to continue its delusion of exceptionalism. Police violence is present here. Racism is present here. And we believe that St. Albans can heal from these wounds. We believe that St. Albans can be safe for everyone and we acknowledge the reality that this is not currently true. We hear from our Black and brown neighbors, our neighbors in recovery, our neighbors with disabilities, our neighbors who are unhoused, and our neighbors of marginalized genders, that they experience violence at the hands of the St. Albans Police Department. We believe them and we know our community can do better. 

We are asking questions. We are organizing. We are starting dialogues.

We are building community. Join us!

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St. Albans, get back to your roots

June 10, 2020 Dear Mayor Tim Smith and City Councilors,  St. Albans residents have a legacy of showing up for the liberation of Black people. This city’s …
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